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What is private, what is commercial?

If you link or show, where you would like to show one or more of my pictures, an offer with which you or a business partner would like to contribute to your or his livelihood, then this is a commercial use. For example, a private blog is considered commercial if you show Google-Adwords or an advertising banner in the footer, but otherwise only write about cats.


… if your website or Instagram or Facebook profile or Facebook page or blog uses:


If you advertise with my pictures for something with which you or others earn their living and you have NOT personally asked me before for permission, I reserve the right to claim damages from you. The damage will then be determined based on the royalty rates of the MFM image fee tables.



If you share my images on Facebook with the share button, no additional naming is necessary, because the link is automatically provided by Facebook through this sharing functionality. For all other uses – even if you have purchased a license – please mention my name as follows:

Attribution with or without license to use

I ask you to place the following information legibly near or below or on the image “Photo: Axel Hebenstreit –“, but at least “Photo: Axel Hebenstreit” – on Instagram also please @lichtseelen. The same applies to the use of the images in physical media (e.g. newspapers, magazines, booklets & CDs, books, etc.). At least in the imprint of your website (if you use the image there) or e.g. on the back of a flyer (if you use the image e.g. on the front page of the flyer).



Your Help

Please write me a short message if I should delete an image online that shows you or your child alone or in a small group … I delete it immediately!

I publish the images in my artistic work as a photographer and they are an expression of my creative process and for me a homage to nature and every single person. I choose the pictures with care and mindfulness and I only want to show the most beautiful and precious in the depicted ones … but respect without ifs and buts, if you want me to delete a picture.