Helga Baumgartner


Axel Hebenstreit is something special. As a person and as a photographer. How he does what he does I don't know. But he has this rare and enchanting magic to elicit the most beautiful, the most radiant, the most loving from the people around him, and then to capture this on his photos!

With camera in hand and his wonderful sensitivity, he effortlessly polishes away all the dust that has settled on our souls, and makes us shine, from the inside out. It's therapeutic, and it can be addictive - so think twice about having this wonderful encounter, because it will change you ; - ) I recommend you, Axel, from the bottom of my soul and with great gratitude!

Aiuna Mele


Working with Axel is a real pleasure. Axel has the gift to capture the very special moment, where someone is in the timelessness, in the present moment. Whether it was my homepage, business cards or photographs, everything is fun with him and is accompanied by a lightness, joie de vivre and professionalism. Axel is very reliable, goal-oriented and creative. At the photo shoot I had so much fun and it was so easy that I did not even notice how the time passed and how many photos were created. Simply magical, a master of his craft. I recommend Axel from the bottom of my heart.

Franziska Iwanow


To let myself be photographed was always a huge overcoming, because I had very unpleasant, old experiences with it and also never liked me in photos. The 1st shooting with Axel was therefore my personal challenge. Axel took time for me with so much empathy and gentle patience that it not only became easier and easier, but in the end it was even unexpectedly fun.

With his enthusiastic dedication, humor and wonderful gift of seeing the inner glow in people, he created an atmosphere in a short time in which I could show myself and feel beautiful.

Since then, Axel has touched me several times with his photos capturing sides of me that I could not see myself before.

Dieter & Sabine Tatz


We've known Axel's photographs for quite a while, and we're always happy when we come across them again on social networks and get an idea of the taste, the color, the mood of an event photographed by him. We are particularly taken with his portraits and reportages. Axel has a special and very own eye for beauty and knows how to capture people and atmosphere in their essence and to help them to a very own expression. A photo from his hand touches me so much that I also use it professionally again and again for publications in the environment of my therapeutic practice. When it came to the question of whether and how we wanted to photograph our wedding, the decision was obvious to hire Axel as our wedding photographer. From the very beginning, the cooperation was characterized by appreciation, affection and a high degree of professionalism. The photos that were taken on this day, which was so special for us, reflect exactly this. They capture moments of relaxed beauty. Every single person portrayed by Axel shines in a special light, and Axel captured each moment in its uniqueness and held it for us. The pictures speak eloquently of a great, beautiful, rich celebration and are dear, lasting memories for us.

Acqua Xena Heart


Ich hatte die magische Gelegenheit, auf dem Being Festival in Portugal diesen so großartigen Künstler, Fotografen und Wesen kennenzulernen! Von dem Moment an, als wir uns trafen, hatten wir das Gefühl, etwas Einzigartiges und Außergewöhnliches erschaffen zu können, aber nichts bereitete mich darauf vor, was tatsächlich da entstanden ist! Bei einem spontanen Shooting bei Sonnenuntergang im Wasser tanzend, sind einige der erstaunlichsten - atemberaubendsten Fotos entstanden, die ich je von mir selbst gesehen habe! Axel ist ein visionärer Meister und weiß wirklich, wie man die Essenz und das Licht eines Menschen einfängt! Ich kann es kaum erwarten, wieder mit ihm zu spielen! - Acqua Xena Heart - Founder of Sacred Orgasmic Dance

Schirin Chams-Diba


I had the pleasure of working with Axel Hebenstreit on a fantastic photo shoot on the cliffs in Bali for the magical light times of sunrise and sunset. Axel is a professional with a great vision who makes it his goal to immortalize a moment in time through his lens. He showed himself open to a co-creative process where my vision and desires were respected and brought to life. I thank Axel for wonderful photographs that highlight my soul and body as a dancer and teacher of embodiment work for women.
Thank you. May many people be inspired by the possibilities created.

Shirin Chams-Diba
Founder & Teacher for
'Essence of the Feminine ~ Sacred Dance, Movement Medicine & Mystical Arts for Embodied Healing'.

Dunja Burghardt


Axel Hebenstreit is living economy for me. Born to be a photographer and with a talent that makes others happy.

He recognizes the essential and makes it visible.

Cosmic Cine Filmfestival


Axel Hebenstreit succeeds in capturing the unique moments of the Cosmic Cine Film Festival. Professionally and in the highest quality, he also manages to convey the corresponding emotions that make up cinema.

Vivian Dittmar


Axel has a special gift for making people shine. The shoot with him was relaxed and carried by a wonderful lightness.

Burgi von Mengershausen


Axel Hebenstreit has accompanied the Tannerhof for many years - both in print design, but especially in website development. In the meantime, we are on our third completely redesigned website together. We appreciate Axel Hebenstreit's competent implementation of our ideas and his reliability. All orders are executed promptly and promptly. In the constant process of optimizing backend, frontend, booking requests, online booking system, we could not ask for a better partner.

Kamaniya Devi


Dear Axel, you are bringing so much joy to many people with your beautiful photographs of the Namaste Yoga Festival! Thank you for your wonderful service <3 I'm sure more people will come next year because of your beautiful images! Radhe Radhe!

Kevin James Carroll


We have worked with Axel time and time again and it is always a pleasure. With a spirited smile, he manages to see the art and perfectly portray the story of the occasion. His images are always hard to choose. Usually we take them all. Undoubtedly one of the best we have worked with.

Markus Bogenberger


I have had photos taken by Axel twice so far. One time was a post wedding shoot, the other time, portrait photos for my homepage. I was very fascinated and enthusiastic. Axel understands like no other how to photograph the best side of a person. The so typical "Now laugh on command", with the result that it looks more like a grimace, was no problem with Axel. Quite naturally and as a matter of course, he manages to make you relax and in the end, terrific great pictures come out of it. Many thanks dear Axel, until next time.

Birgit Schmidmeier


When I needed an author photo for my book, it was immediately clear that only Axel came into question as a photographer. An appointment could be found immediately and since it was February, the practical mobile home studio offered itself. Axel took a lot of time and with wit and empathy finally a picture was created, whose longer view I was amazed to realize: Yes, that's really me. Many thanks for that!

Andreas Kosmowicz


Working with Axel Hebenstreit is always a pleasure for me! Cordiality, high professionalism and dedication to the project are rarely found in a partner in this form.

GemeinsamSein gGmbH


Best recommendation! The first meeting convinced us, the joint development of the website inspired us and the pictures were the icing on the cake... and the excellent feedback from our customers on our new website confirmed it. Thanks a lot !
And the support in the follow-up remains on this high level. Jörg Reese - Managing Director GemeinsamSein gGmbH

Andrea Zengerle


I had my logo, the pictures for my homepage and my flyers made by Axel. The logo is just beautiful and fits me totally well. The pictures express my work very well. I also found it very special that Axel has helped me to look together what I'm about and what I want to say with my images / text, etc.. Thus, the implementation was always very clear and to my delight always very timely.

Franziskus Rupp


Axel is a photographer who wonderfully manages with his naturalness and attentiveness to leave you space "to be". This creates a unique atmosphere where he can record and photograph the individual beauty.

Stefan & Miriam Datt


Dear Axel, the cooperation with you and your photographic skills has proven to be a real stroke of luck over the years for our big Berlin Yoga Festival. We as organizers, as well as many of the guests were always excited about your photographic work and were thrilled every year anew. We wish you only the best for your further artistic path as well as your personal development, heavenly blessings and always many satisfied customers.

Oliver Schmid


Axel is a very skilled designer and photographer and very professional to work with. But what I particularly appreciate about him is his fine sense of letting images and designs breathe, so that they feel alive and touch. Human and with heart.

Andrea Ranscht


I have been working with Axel Hebenstreit for several years now. For several projects in my various businesses, he has performed very different tasks quite wonderfully for me. I appreciate it very much that he implements my wishes individually, quickly, reliably and professionally and advises and supports me very well. Especially for creating my webshop www.mahadevi-treasures.de I am very grateful to him! But also for many beautiful photos and logos for all other business areas.

Nicola Rohner


Axel is a real professional :)! I feel super in his care, because I know that Axel knows technically very well and is at the same time an aesthete and aesthete. He always finds a balance between pragmatic technical solution and beautiful design. What I also appreciate very much: I get solutions that are in proportion to what I as a customer really need and can pay for my business, or would like to. Axel is on the cutting edge and is constantly working his way into new standards. His effective way of working gives me the confidence that price and performance are in the best relation.

Nele von Mengershausen


Axel has good empathy and then works intuitively, without much discussion, towards suitable solutions. You can feel that he can highlight my strengths much better than I can do it myself. That's why you take a web designer, Axel I can really recommend.

KraftQuelle Martinaegger


Axel Hebenstreit has a wonderful gift to see and capture what can and wants to be seen, by meeting me in such a fine, heart-open way, it was easier for me to show how I am ...

Julia Baus

Schloß Blumenthal

I can only praise your photo creations and also only allow you to get so close to the actors at our elf festival, because I know you capture the magic.

Cathy CathaRani

Few pictures of me like. But if you make some, then always!

Lucia Neumeier


Axel Hebenstreit manages to create beautiful photos with his precise eye for the whole. Calm and unagitated he works out what makes the respective motif special and unique!

Martina Huemer

I am soooo impressed by Axel's pictures! He manages to capture all the wonderful moments - and let us all participate. Very very great ... a deep *bow - dear Axel, before your wonderful gift!

Neelam Katrin Mages


Axel Hebenstreit your pictures are truly dreamlike and yet so real, capturing what makes the moment! I am so grateful that you have almost imperceptibly captured the many magical moments, the beauty of all the people there and the magic of this kind of togetherness, which we were again allowed to celebrate at the Love & Peace Gathering! David, the girls and I were amazed while looking through really every one of your pictures and gave many AHs and OHs and WOWs from us - THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Ura Sabrina Gruber


If you want to have true soul photos of yourself, and want to combine this with his vocation, I can recommend a shooting with Axel Hebenstreit. His pictures speak absolutely for themselves ...

Vero Margellos

Insanely beautiful pictures! You have captured Alban Hevin just wonderfully. Thank you for these snapshots! And thank you for being there. With your way of photographing you have enriched Alban Hevin for me, watching you work, your relaxed and easy way of capturing images with your camera have given the party something additional

Felideé Forestier


A thank you to the photographer Axel Hebenstreit, the man with the sunniest laugh in this universe ... souls of light can't help but shine and become visible (even during rain shoots, like here) ...

Charlotte – Singapur

You are a beautiful soul dear Axel. thank you for making me feel so comfortable, for making me feel so flowy and beautiful. You really have the magic to capture magic!