Chakra Paper Angel Advent Calendar (Craft Kit)

Christmas craft kit with 24 angels This high-quality craft kit consists of 24 angels, which are assigned to the chakras and printed on environmentally friendly, certified and stable flame retardant paper. They are cut out, glued together and set up with a tealight, which is lit on the respective Advent day. This calendar should be a suggestion to meet the pre-Christmas time with peace and joy, simply because you take the time to make something and beyond the colors of the angels have a healing effect.

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Souls of Light – Photo Book – 304 pages hardcover – DIN A4

285 touching images of glowing souls of 6 years of photography at international, sustainable festivals 304 pages DIN A4 Hardcover This is a moving collection of works that mirrors the glowing from within during moments of beauty, when people are completely themselves and in a state of love. They are snapshots of moments full of devotion and deep connection with themselves and their environments. This picture book is a homage to the light within us all. A devoted collection of works found on the path of love. 282 photographs from small and large international, alternative & sustainable festivals of the last 6 years.


The Tibetan massage – and its effect on body and soul

The Tibetan massage - and its effect on body and soul DIN A5 landscape paperback - In more than 100 before and after photos, the photographer Axel Hebenstreit makes the effect of the Tibetan temple massage visible. The Tibetan massage is one of the gentlest and most intense types of massage. Due to the very attentive and extremely slow touch, their effect can be very diverse. Mostly it leads to a healing deep relaxation, it can also release hidden emotions and makes profound processes of knowledge possible. It therefore gently promotes and strengthens one's own healing powers for the body, mind and soul. This illustrated book reveals 34 women and men who are fully engaged in the healing power of this especially loving touch of Tibetan massage. Each individual gives us an individual insight into the beauty of their inner being.