Uria Tsur – Red factory

A sacred evening in Munich overflowing with warm heartedness, spirited aliveness amidst the swift change of the summer season into fall – people of all ages, and stages of life enter the space enthused and ready to serve and share their hearts in circle and song.
Inspirational artist, musician & circle leader Uria Tsur wields the wand of wonder, with his leadership, and takes us into melodies of soul & heart – inviting the German rainbow family sitting in circle, to colour the night with angelic harmonies. Guest musicians – international kirtan artists Kevin James & Susana and local darling song circle brother Florian add their devotional flavours & an evening of anchoring more healing loving light is preciously experienced, love soaring and flying high through the songlines of the heart!
Thank you Purna & Anjali, for your devotion to bring this medicine to the land and its people, and thanks to all beautiful souls who came together to create this living prayer.
This event is a co-creation of Anjali, Wild Spirit Events and Purna, Klang der Stille.
Blessed Fall Equinox and New Moon, beloved friends!

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