Ancient Trance 2022

One of Europe’s most beautiful festivals indeed, this precious gift of beauty is! The Ancient Trance festival once again sprinkles its healing loving magic on us all – this gathering of 4 days and evenings in the heart of a small town of Taucha (near Leipzig), overflowing with wonder, in and on Pachamama, in nature, full of music, joy, connection, community – there were smiles and hugs, songs and prayers a plenty, children of all ages playing & sharing their gifts together, in blooming celebration.

From the exquisite diversity of music and performances across the globe in collaboration, to the soulful workshops, the eco loving reminders, delicious food, art markets full of creators sharing beauty, warm heartedness was the foundational pulse of the festival.

Thank you Ancient Trance, for gathering us to celebrating the enjoyment of being, together! See you next year

My work as a guest photographer at festivals comes from the joy of sharing beautiful moments. If you want to support my art, I am happy about a donation of your choice. 

Please contact me if you or your child are in a photo and you want to use it for your business, social media, art, etc. (what is commercial?).

Private use on social media is always free of charge (please attribution required).


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