Ancient Trance 2019

Ancient Trance 2019 – i love this festival! This time as a private guest although i couldn’t resist creating some art. 

This album is just a small very subjective window of everything beautiful the Ancient Trance has to offer (the first 92 are a selection and then it continues chronologically). I had to leave early on Sunday so that i unfortunately missed Orange and the closing ceremony. 

It was also a great pleasure for me to finally see Curawaka live again after we met for last summer’s music video shoot in Ibiza (

Please contact me if you or your child are IN a photo and you want to use it for your business, social media, art, etc.. If you are not going to upload the image anywhere, you can download it free of charge for yourself in private.

These are the first 100 of the 317 images from the entire album. You can find all other pictures on Facebook.


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