Wedding Babsi & Wasti 2023

“We are a tribe, we are a tribe awakening
Listen to the rhythm of mother earth
We are a tribe, we are a tribe awakening
Listen to the heartbeat of a new birth”
– rainbow song

At the opening season of Leo, on Jul 22 where Feast Day of Mary Magdelene is celebrating the Goddess and love everywhere in the world, the fire in our hearts blazed in beauty, love and joy celebrating the union, wedding of Sebastian & Barbara and experiencing New Earth Heaven energies.

Surrounded in nature, children running freely to play together everywhere, the most Venusian homemade potluck feast all weekend, ecstatic breath blindfold dance journey, circling around the sun, sunset, fire, communally making beauty and prayers together, celebrating love for Mother Earth, divine union of hearts and souls, we experienced greater joy, higher love together.

This photo album is a gift of love for our shared nourishment, our shared visions of a Heavenly New Earth, now here, may it bring joy, warm hearted sweetness and love into your heart, blessed be this Mayan day out of time, turning a fresh chapter, taking a leap of freedom into the new year we are, with this beauty.

May this new year bring great gifts of lightness, gratefulness, loveliness. May we give thanks for everyone, everything around us, may we cherish our lives as precious and hold everyone and everything in our lives, as sacred. So enriching, so life giving LOVE
Bless and be blessed 🌹

*blessing message written by my Goddess beloved Leeliu


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