Sound & Silence 2017

Best of Sound & Silence – Listen – 2017 … 7 days of love, art, sunshine, sea and delicious food in Arillas on Corfu. I was looking forward to it a long time and it was even more beautiful then anticipated. Let me invite you to participate … i know 640 images are a lot … but i’m sure you will feel the magic … so get comfortable and enjoy 🙂 … the first 169 are in random order and after that you are able to join me on my path through 7 days of joy on the Gayatri Mandir. Thank you Sarvaan Ziva, Daniel Rojas & Amber Sawyer, Nadine Ruiter and the whole team for gathering the tribe in that beautiful way. For more info visit:

These are the first 100 of the 640 images in the entire album. You can find all the other images on Google Photos.

Please contact me if you or your child are IN a photo and you want to use it for your business, social media, art, etc.. If you are not going to upload the image anywhere, you can download it free of charge for yourself in private.


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