We’ve known Axel’s photographs for quite a while, and we’re always happy when we come across them again on social networks and get an idea of the taste, the color, the mood of an event photographed by him. We are particularly taken with his portraits and reportages. Axel has a special and very own eye for beauty and knows how to capture people and atmosphere in their essence and to help them to a very own expression. A photo from his hand touches me so much that I also use it professionally again and again for publications in the environment of my therapeutic practice. When it came to the question of whether and how we wanted to photograph our wedding, the decision was obvious to hire Axel as our wedding photographer. From the very beginning, the cooperation was characterized by appreciation, affection and a high degree of professionalism. The photos that were taken on this day, which was so special for us, reflect exactly this. They capture moments of relaxed beauty. Every single person portrayed by Axel shines in a special light, and Axel captured each moment in its uniqueness and held it for us. The pictures speak eloquently of a great, beautiful, rich celebration and are dear, lasting memories for us.