Pachamama Festival 2019

My first time on the Pachamama Festival in Switzerland. Tried 4 times and finally this year it happened. For me it was one of the most beautiful and inspiring festivals i have been to in Europe so far. The spirit there felt like from the 1996 movie „La belle verte (The Green Planet)”. So much Love and sharing. All vegetarian food, no alcohol, free refreshing spring water, swimming and water blessings at a waterfall, a non stop sacred fire, women AND a mens tent (finally), hundreds of happy children, sauna & Temazcal, lots of heart touching ceremonies, rituals & workshops, composts toilets and free showers everywhere, no waste dishes and of course a super beautiful music, dance and art program. This photo album is my contribution to share the beauty and the spirit which is so urgently needed in these challenging times.

Please contact me if you or your child are in a photo and you want to use it for your business, social media, art, etc. (what is commercial?).

Private use on social media is always free of charge (please attribution required).

This post contains only the first 98 images from the 496 images of the entire album. You can find all the other pictures in my album on Facebook.


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