Dynamic blessings to all

As Earth Stewards of our Great Mother, we are called to inspire the hearts and minds of every human to create a world where we live in Harmony with Mother Earth.

through our love project Traces of Beauty, these videos are created, TO RESTORE & CONTRIBUTE TO:

  • the essence of beauty, inherent goodness, abundance, truth, life
  • balance within ourselves, with others, and with the natural world
  • the preciousness & power of our planet, uplifting the people who call it home too.
  • create dynamic positive change through – above all – the transformation of the heart and mind, through the healing force, of BEAUTY

May this offering be a welcome Home
love note to all who receive it.

May we all be inspired to become intimate with Nature, our own, and with each other.

May Mother flourish and thrive again, through receiving more gifts of beauty, honouring, cherishing from Her children, through our individual expressions of beauty, creativity.

As healing artists we endeavour to continue giving time and energy to create more beauty in the world to share – if any of our work has brought you joy, nourishment, goodness, we humbly ask that you consider supporting us in these ways:

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In loving service,

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