Men of the Yeah – Bürgerfest Regensburg 2023

Dear Mr Sorcerer,
be a happiness ambassador, yea…
Open your magic!
– Sorcerer, Men of the YeaH!

These sorcerers igniting blessings and waking many happiness ambassadors yeoww! People and bodies across ages in summer happiness cheer echoes of joy and aliveness at Regensburg Bürgerfest, a revival of the city’s weekend festival after 4 years – along with their roadie children handing out flyers by the stage, this beautiful band of good vibes brought enthusiasm, groovy beats, firing up the  summer afternoon with their positive reggae music & vibes – the world is a more joyful vibrant place because of your leadership of magic & melodies, thank you brothers, wizards- yes and more please!

My work as a guest photographer at festivals comes from the joy of sharing beautiful moments. If you want to support my art, I am happy about a donation of your choice. 


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