In my first visit to Singapore, I was invited to my beloved Leeliu’s 1 day womens temple to support with photography, and be a part of their circle for a couple of hours.

The most precious feedback I received from some of the women were that they felt safe in my presence to be as they were in their process.

Very grateful to have had the blessing of witnessing some deeply healing empowering rituals of woman during this time.


Please contact me if you or your child are in a photo and you want to use it for your business, social media, art, etc. (what is commercial?). Private use on social media is always free of charge (please attribution required).

Leeliu says:What a precious opportunity to have opened and created this portal of pause, pleasure, passion and praise – Ancestral healing. Inner child tending. Wise Wild Wondrous Woman rising, radiating in love.

15 of us, leaders in each of our unique vocations, roles and archetypes in life – healer, artist,  mother, entrepreneur, lover, Women,  gathered in a quiet part of Singapore neighbourhood, gifted ourselves time and space to give and receive love, to nourish our bodies minds and hearts, return back to our inner temple, create beauty and prayed for peace, relief, release, experience healing and empowerment together. Tears were shed, laughter and joy aplenty, deep feminine nourishment explored, expressed, embraced, embodied.

Leaving Traces of Beauty everywhere we are, everywhere we go.
Grateful. Thankful. So Blessed.

In love and service,


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