Equinox Cenote Concert

Ancestral. Palatial. Celestial.

A sojourn to Earth, Sky and Cosmic Sea.

 Resonating in space, melting into spaciousness, we welcome this new season of Spring as 2022’s Spring Equinox ushers in a dynamic vision and experience of the mystical, magical & magnificent this unforgettable day of new beginnings.
This dream initiated, activated by sound artists/musicians Dominique Zuniga & Hernán Suárez, we all travel to an incredible private home located deep and far in the jungle, … a venue with a giant cenote to swim in, a great cavern with natural cathedral like acoustics. 
Spider monkeys jumping from tree to tree, and birdsong in the air, a beautiful sunset appreciated over the jungle – we enter the evening’s rhythms.
Swirling in the divine duo of sound and silence, swimming within the ancient cenote, we journey into the heart of harmony, in a ceremionial concert and anchor into the hearts of the Earth and all, the incredible beauty, and miraculous wonders of this precious Life, honoured in rhythmic richness and alchemy. 
Blessed be all ways and paths of beauty, magnified and amplifed through this visual alchemy. May more and all blossom and bloom in their unique heartistry, and so it is. Aho, many blessings.

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