Anandaspirit 2023

4 days of Ananda Spirit, on a family run farm in Reinsberg near Dresden specially curated for the weekend to offer up more beauty, nourishment and love!

A rich array of Yoga, meditation, bodywork, music & sound healing, ecstatic dances & ceremonial circles! delicious lovingly prepared homemade food & beverage stalls!

Beautiful artisanal products on offer! All divinely served and shared by wonderful souls, surrounded by and in Mama Nature’s arms, children of all ages unite to experience a nourishing soulful summertime season. May this treasure chest of images serve to nourish more hearts to remember the essence of UNITY. BEAUTY. WONDER. PEACE. JOY. LOVE.

Blessings to all!

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My work as a guest photographer at festivals comes from the joy of sharing beautiful moments. If you want to support my art, I am happy about a donation of your choice. 


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