Nepal Himalaya Pavillion

The wizard brings his beloved witch to an enchanting summer afternoon of embracing nature in a gloriously curated sacred space, in Nepal Himalaya Park, between Regensburg & Straubing. Asian magic and nourishment in Europe!
Rich influences & inspiration from Nepal, Bhutan, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindu traditions of beauty surround this slice of heaven with so much beauty & blessings -symbols, statues and signs of peace, harmony, art and culture in its buildings, bridges, rest within this divine space – over 1000 kind of blooming flowers and plants, prayer wheels & bells turning and sounding, uniting cultures and nature intimately, harmoniously, beautifully together.

Nurturance. Nature. in Beauty & Wild Wonder. With reverence and love.

This precious little adventure feels like welcoming prelude to our tracesofbeauty pilgrimmage in Noble Nepal coming to life, in Spring 2023, welcoming a circle of sacred beings to join us in our journey – more to be shared, soon!

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