Circle Culture Tipi Inauguration

Mitakuyeoyasin, Yay yay yo, Pachamama
We are all related,
in the Heart of Our Mother
In the Light of Love
Sitting around the fire we remember the ways of our ancestors,
In this ceremony of Life,
Uniting as ONE PEOPLES, with children women in safety,
Men holding, supporting and preserving the space in strength, sweetness and harmony
Coming together to break bread, share food, sing and dance our songs,
Offer our prayers to Mother, Great Spirit, All Beings
Share our gifts, our glee, and gratitude
We are so blessed.

Grateful for this gift of circle,
this essence of tribe that lives on through the circle helpers leaders and supporters of tribe.
Thank you for this connective, warm hearted beautiful gathering in the circle cultures community’s fresh and new Teepee.
Stay connected. We are stronger together.

Love and blessings

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