Kevin James & Susana

“From the temple of my heart
Up to the highest mountain
Love embrace all there is
And all that could be
From the temple of my soul
Down to the deepest ocean
Shall love flow like a river
Eternally free
La e la ela ela …”

Kevin James

Blessed we are to live this precious life.

Blessed we are to have the opportunity and priviledge to gather in prayer, circle and sing as one tribe, one people.

Blessed we are to have received Kevin James & Susana Rodríguez on this beautiful autumn night at Rote Fabrik visiting Munich to offer such gracious sharings and melodies uniting us in the heart of love.

Thank you Florian Michael Litzlfelder and Maksym for supporting with your musical magic.

Thank you to circle leader Katja Sterzenbach from Ahureia Ecstatic Ceremonies and her Team for uniting the tribe to prepare the space, celebrate and nourish, with deep care and beauty.

May the photos of this beautiful evening offer to you feelings of peace, ease, connection, loving, powers – may the exquisite beauty of the moments, of the peoples nourish and soothe your ways forward.

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
Blessings of peace, harmony and love to all.

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