Bali Spirit Festival 2017

I’m very proud and excited to present my best of selection of this overwhelmingly beautiful festival. Most images are portraits as to me the spirit of a festival is mainly visible in the faces and body language of the people who co-create such an event with their presence, be it visitors, performers, volunteers, presenters, organisers or crew. This festival shined with such artistry, love to the detail, professionalism, kindness and family feeling … i was so often just speechless. I would like to invite you to take a journey to this festival through my eyes as i feel i have captured the spirit well. I know that this album has a lot of images, but i can assure you, it is worth it to take you the time. For me as an artist everything aligned, the culture, the colours, the nature, the art, the beautiful people and artists, the locations and the light … especially the light, be it the tropical sun or the perfectly orchestrated stage lighting. To me it feels like a next step in my work as an artist and i am very grateful to have been invited to this gathering (thanks Rob Weber and Meghan Pappenheim. Aho.

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