Iron Waterfall – Penang

After a joyous morning visit to the Butterfly Park in Penang, we went to visit the Batu Ferringhi Iron Waterfall, further nourishing our inner children in play and creativity together.

Choosing to heal and bring healing, liberation, to make medicine, through the embodiment and expressions of Beauty, we are.

Our art, revolution is one that gives to and restores life, that cherishes the immense power of beauty, of Gaia, of our planet home, Earth.

As we trail & trace the world discovering more beauty, we offer this to you, dear ones.

Blessings of peace, joy & harmony


Embrace Your Brillance, Your Beauty. Adore Your Temple, this Holy Grail of Goodness:

Make juicy LOVE to Life … AND …Be Love, Beloved.

Welcome a new spring & season of Joy, Fun, Passion.

Explore, express, experience, embody Your Unique & Wondrously Wild Nature, like no other.

Darling dear, your power play, overflowing in joyous delight … a blessing to the world.

Dies ist ein Beitrag aus unserem „Traces of Beauty”-Projekt

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