Devi Ma

This vision and prayer, named “NEST – chill & fill & improvisation” – created by beloved Devi Ma, is an idea born out of wishing to provide a safer, nourishing, restful and healing space to welcome brothers and sisters, across different generations and ages, to come and recharge their soul and spirit.  Choosing the end of October for this Prayer was to intentionally to bring more loving energies and light into these darkened times. 

This weekend took place in Waldsee Gemeinschaft near Frankfurt, and was an invitation to find one’s own inner expressions, musicians.
Everyone were invited to come and share, sing a song each, and how abundant we were in support!

There were wonderful great singing circles with many musicians joining in & sharing their love for music, for community, for Life, for Mother Earth. A diverse range of all ages, from baby, to  teenagers, young adults & friends of over 70 welcomed themselves and each other into holy space, a nurturing wombspace sanctuary cocreated and supported by a community of friends.

A weekend of feeling so divinely nourished & loved and held, so many well wishes, prayers, blessings shared – in shared meals, hugs, silent quiet pauses, and laughter — may more people be blessed and inspired to create and share these spaces with more – we are stronger resting and rising in love, together

Meine Arbeit als Gastfotograf auf Festivals entsteht aus der Freude am Teilen der schönen Momente. Wenn Du meine Kunst unterstützen möchtest, freue ich mich über eine Spende Deiner Wahl. 

Bitte kontaktiere mich, wenn Du oder Dein Kind IN einem Foto bist und Du es für Dein Unternehmen, Dein Social Media, Deine Kunst, etc. verwenden möchtest. Wenn Du das Bild nirgends hochladen wirst, kannst du es kostenlos für Dich ganz privat herunterladen.



Übrigens: Ich konzipiere, entwerfe, erstelle und betreue professionelle Webseiten seit 25 Jahren. Aktuelle Arbeiten findest Du hier und hier.