Iron Waterfall – Penang

After a joyous morning visit to the Butterfly Park in Penang, we went to visit the Batu Ferringhi Iron Waterfall, further nourishing our inner children in play and creativity together. Choosing to heal and bring healing, liberation, to make medicine, through the embodiment and expressions of Beauty, we are. Our art, revolution is one that […]

Charlotte – Singapore

Charlotte is the one who gifted the photo session with the 3 Singaporean Ladies. She also wanted a session but was hesitant at first. After she saw the photos of her 3 friends, she decided to be brave also :-). Her wish was to show her feminine side as she felt that this side could […]

Evolution Garden – Singapore

Located at the heart of the city, Singapores UNESCO Heritage Site Botanical Gardens wows us with an incredulous section named „Evolution Garden“.
With magnificent Tree Ferns & Cycads, impressive rock formations, petrified trees with smooth crystal like cores, trees with bark, looking like dragon scales.


In my first visit to Singapore, I was invited to my beloved Leeliu’s 1 day womens temple to support with photography, and be a part of their circle for a couple of hours. The most precious feedback I received from some of the women were that they felt safe in my presence to be as […]

3 Singaporean Ladies

A lovely portrait session with 3 Ladies in Hort Park in Singapore. The session was gifted to them from Charlotte, one of the participants of Leeliu’s retreat in Singapore.

Montha Than Wasserfall

„She is the greatest painter, the most wondrous masterpiece, the wildest muse, the ultimate alchemist. Mother, Great Mother Spirit of Life, boundless love: Thank you for the beauty, nourishment and unconditional love you provide me, us Being You. I sing and dance & celebrate your living art, I rest, return to and receive through your […]

Sticky Waterfall

Traces of Beauty goes to the waterfalls, again! A fun and wonderfilled daytrip adventure in Chiangmai to Nam Tok Bua Tong, also named as Sticky Waterfalls (because the stone has so much grip). This unique and magical waterfall near Chiang Mai has high-traction rock surfaces that are fun to play on and the water here […]

Cafe de Oasis

„May you fall madly in love this year … in love with someone who unhinges your tired trajectory, in love with a spouse of several years who might be aching for lightning, in love with demanding children and crazy relatives … in love with the particular pedigree of genius insanity that has perhaps claimed you […]